President Obama Speaks to Volunteers and First Responders in Boston, April 18, 2013

“You displayed grit. You displayed compassion. You displayed civic duty. You displayed courage. And when we see that kind of spirit, there’s something about that that’s infectious. It makes us all want to be better people. You’ve inspired the entire country. You’ve inspired the world. And for that, you should be profoundly proud….

And if there’s anything that was a theme in that interfaith service it’s that out of these ashes, out of the blood that’s spilled and the injuries borne, out of that, we get a chance to see and highlight and appreciate that spirit. And we’ve got to sustain it, because in all of our lives at some point there are going to be some troubles, and there’s evil in the world, and there’s hardship. But if that spirit is evident and manifest, and that’s what we’re teaching our kids and that’s what we’re embodying in our own lives, then who can stop us? Who can touch us?

Full text:


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